Nihon Kairali’s new Website is Live !!

Nihon Kairali’s new Website is Live !!

Dear All,

With the establishment of Nihon Kairali as an NPO and also the world around us embracing more and more digital initiatives , We as a community also have to progressively embrace new systems and technologies.
This will help to make our presence in the digital world very strong and also will help us for easy and efficient operations of our community activities.

In this context, we are very happy to announce that Nihon Kairali is changing its primary digital face, its website, to a completely new one. The website comes with a completely new look and feel and will be a source for a lot of valuable information for all community members.

In addition to the new website, as part of embracing digital for financial transactions with the community, we are happy to announce that Nihon Kairali is now able to accept financial transactions on its name through leading digital payment mechanisms including Credit Cards/ Suica/ Banking and number of other leading digital payment options. Nihon Kairali will progressively move towards full digital in its financial transactions.

One of the important next step associated with NPO establishment is the official membership of NPO.
Aligning to the decision taken in the last AGM, we will be rolling out the membership scheme for NPO soon leveraging our new website.

Please do visit the new website and FAQ with the below link details.

All the member data from the previous website is migrated and existing members in old website can use the same credentials in new website also.
We kindly request all the community members to register themselves as members in the website.

Nihon Kairali would like to thank all the volunteers and also specifically Sreekumar B A who has single handedly developed the new website.

[Volunteer Team: Sreekumar B A, Saju Nair, Nithya, Soumya Raj, Suraj Kizhakkutte, Arun MV, Arun Menon, Sreenath Subramaniam, Aswathi, Meghana Kurup, Binu Thomas, Prasanth Pooyath, OOT & Board ]

Website Link

Click here to view the announcement PDF

Happy browsing!!

Tokyo, Japan
Nihon Kairali Foundation

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