Sudden illness and injury

Sudden illness and injury

Calling 119 - How to call an ambulance

Make an emergency call by calling 119 (the same number in case of fire) to ask for an ambulance in case of sudden illness or serious injury.

  • Once you get through to the 119 operator, report the following:
    ・ that it is an emergency (kyukyu)
    ・ what happened
    ・ location (address) of emergency
    ・ your name
    ・ phone number you are calling from
  • Find and describe the name of nearby buildings and/or stores if you do not know the exact address of the site.
  • You may also call 119 from your mobile phone.
  • When you hear the sirens of the ambulance, stand outside so that you can help guide them to the emergency site.

*Keep your health insurance card handy as well as hospital cards if you have a doctor you regularly see.

Going to a hospital on your own

If your injury or sickness is not serious enough to necessitate calling an ambulance and you think you can make it to the hospital by yourself, use a taxi or drive your own car.

If you are admitted to a hospital under emergency conditions and require assistance with your medical treatment due to a lack of Japanese ability, there is an interpreting service by phone that may be provided. (Please note that this interpreting service is provided in response to requests made by medical institutions. It is not a service that responds to requests made by patients.)

For Medical Institutions within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Medical emergency interpretation service Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, French TEL: 0570-099283 Operating hours: English, Chinese; 24 hours 365 days assistance *Operating hours are extended due to COVID-19. Korean, Thai, Spanish, French: Weekdays 17:00 to 20:00, Weekends and national holidays 9:00 to 20:00

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