How to register or change your address in Japan

How to register or change your address in Japan

Once you are in Japan and have a fixed residence or are staying at a service apartment that allows their address to be registered as your residence, the first thing you will need to do is head to the municipal office and register your address. This article will cover the procedures used to register your address and the procedures for changing your address while living in Japan. You are also able to request that your attorney handles the registration of your address (rules may differ from city to city).

Address registration in Japan

Address registration can be done either while living in a service apartment, where they allow you to register the address, or when you find a fixed residence in Japan. You are required to register your address at the local municipal office within 14 days after having moved to your fixed address.

To register your address you will need to bring Your Passport and Residence Card to the municipal office and fill out a Form (similar to the one pictured below).

If you would like to register your family members as well, you will need to provide a Marriage / Birth Certificate translated into Japanese. An apostille is not required for the translation (you can ask your friend or colleague for help as well).

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